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Sue Blaney (Burton Woods Lane): September 2022

Please welcome Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati (WACC) President, Sue Blaney (Burton Woods Lane).

Signature WACC member Sue Blaney assumed the role of President of the organization on July 1, 2022. “Outgoing President, Margaret Kastner asked me to take on the position. I admired the leadership she provided the organization during COVID,” shares Sue. “Margaret believes in me and that encouragement, coupled with a very strong Vice President, Elizabeth Olsen, makes this a wonderful opportunity.”

Sue is quick to remind members that Margaret served as President during the most unusual and stressful time of COVID during which Margaret shifted gears and ran the club via ZOOM at times and without the support of a Vice President.

“She did a remarkable job,” shares Sue.

The WACC is part of Sue’s history and complements her interest in learning more about women in art’s history. Her grandmother was an artist and member of the WACC in the1950s. Sue carries on the family traditional with her membership in the Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati.

When asked how she envisions her tenure as President Sue laughs and says, “I have the advantage of not taking on this role during a global pandemic. Elizabeth and I plan to take advantage of returning to in-person events.” She continues, “The WACC is an amazing collection of women and with their support and encouragement, we plan to elevate women in the arts, both members and non-members, through our monthly meetings, community out-reach, and group sponsored events.”

●Please feel free to mention the poems that I have sent you for the Garage Mural in my back yard. My family and I have lived in North Avondale since April 2000. Love it!!

As a man of many talents, I have taught in a Vocational School environment for fifteen years, the last three being in Ethiopia in the mid 80’s. While there, I was divorced and married one of their beautiful women! We have five beautiful daughters! I spent seven years with PNC Bank in Louisville and three of those years, designing three Derby Floats for the Kentucky Derby Festival, which were all winners in their division.

Moving to Florence Ky, I managed twelve Radio Shack retail stores in this area, then moved over to Cincinnati in 1988 and worked as a collection agent for Macy’s, then seven years with Entex Information Services as a PC trouble shooting technician.

Now retired, but still writing as I have ten books on Amazon and with my publisher Bookbaby.com. My book about Ethiopia, is about “Third World Women’s Issues” that I researched there and then wrote about it when I returned to the U.S. in 1986. Its title is “The Orphan, a Portrait of Courage” and this book has been nominated to go from “Book to Film” next fall and maybe on the screen before Christmas of 2023! There are four beautifully illustrated Children’s Books in my inventory, also Poetry, inspirational, surviving Divorce, How to avoid Drugs (teenagers) and Modes of Church Worship and why we repeat them every service. Our eldest daughter and her spouse own ” The Elephant Walk ” restaurant at 170 W. McMillan St. downtown . 

Paul Rice (Marion)

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