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The New School Montessori: July 2020

The New School Montessori (TNSM)
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The New School Montessori Receives a Gift from Its 2020 Grads

Each year, our graduating sixth graders and their families contribute to a project that celebrates their time here at The New School Montessori. When they return as alumni, they enjoy seeing their senior gifts in use and appreciated by the community.

This year’s graduating class wanted to center their gift around the two bee hives that the school has set up on campus for teaching purposes and as a hands-on way for us to support beleaguered pollinators. 

The students have named our hives “Washington Bee C” and “Honey 2020” and will be making decorative hexagonal cement tiles to lay on the ground in front of the hives as a grand and befittingly royal entrance for the subjects who serve our queens. The nameplates will be carefully affixed to each hive and the tiles will be completed and lovingly designed by each graduate over the summer. 

Ann Baumgardner, Communications Director

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