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New School students deliver Valentine’s Day gift baskets to Ronald McDonald House

Families from all over the United States (and sometimes the world) travel to Cincinnati to receive life-saving care for their children. While here, they need a place to stay. The Ronald McDonald house in Cincinnati provides that home for these critically ill children and their families and always appreciates when our community extends a welcome by donating items that make their guests’ stay more comfortable.

New School Montessori 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders planned amazing Valentine’s Day care packages for families currently living at the Ronald McDonald House. They organized and filled 26 gift baskets with books, games, snacks, crafting materials and personal care items. They also made homemade cards to be delivered with the baskets on Valentine’s Day. 

In addition, these students celebrated Valentine’s Day by learning more about a classmate they didn’t know very well yet. They took turns interviewing each other, making a card for this friend, painting a rock and creating a plate of cheese, orange slices, grapes and whatnot, based on their friend’s preferences. It was a day of TLC for many many friends–both at The New School and at The Ronald McDonald House.

The last photo shows a friend’s gift of a red valentine snowflake and a hand-painted trilobite, (because those are her favorite fossils) and her new friend responded with his thoughtfully painted gift.

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