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Welcome Committee: September 2022

Your NANA Welcome committee has been hard at work all summer! I’d like to give a shout out to the best neighbors who have committed time this summer to planning and those who have agreed to be our Welcome ambassadors. In no particular order, I greatly appreciate my committee: Janet Banks (Barry Lane), April Pandora (Clinton Springs), Beth Ewing (Winding Way), Kim Hubbard (Rose Hill), Monica Human (Lowry), Charlene Morse (Burton Woods Lane), Bryan Nelson (Spring House Lane), Sheena Walker (Avondale Ave.), Wendi Wilson (Lenox Place), Katie Andress (Rose Hill), Rosalind Fultz (Greenwood), Tom Buten (Goss Ave.), Tanya Ficklin (Warwick), Reg Crutcher (Lenox Pl), and Tiffani Tribble (Barker). They have been a pleasure to work with! And they have worked hard and in a most timely manner! Thank you all!

We are changing the committee name from Welcome Wagon to simply Welcome and we are set to begin welcoming new neighbors, who are property owners this fall, hopefully in October. New neighbors who are renting will be part of our phase two project as they are much more difficult to identify. Our welcome packet will include a small succulent with a plant care label, an updated neighborhood directory (consisting of where to find stores and who to call for public services, etc.), a NANA refrigerator magnet, information from the “local” block watch or street watch, and a personal note from our ambassador. New neighbors will also be encouraged to join NANA and to participate!

Jolene Struebbe, Chair jmstruebbe@gmail.com

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