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3997 Beechwood Avenue – “Before the Makeover”: Summer 2021

On a beautiful Sunday evening on June 27, over 100 people gathered to view the house at 3997 Beechwood Avenue as part of the “Before the Makeover” fund raising event, hosted by Nana beautification chair, Jolene Struebbe, and sponsored by Heather Herr / CB Team Herr and Brad Lauck, property owner/Lauck properties. The event, and donations, raised approximately $2600, which will be used for future beautification projects in North Avondale.

Guests were treated to cocktails by Anjou, East Walnut Hills newest (and best!) bar as they were briefed on architectural features of the home and stories from the three families who had lived in the home in the past. We were delighted to have two sisters who grew up in the home next-door tell tales of growing up in the neighborhood in the 1950s in the 1960s as well as a woman who grew up in this exact house who shared her family stories.

We could not have pulled off this tour without the generous donation of time from 12 friends and neighbors who served as House guides. I wish to thank Aisela Allie, Tracy Connor, Wade Price, Bindy Marks Waits, Laurie Pike, Melissa Huber, Julie Hermes, Kim Hubbard, Joanna Groden, Susan Kenford, Wendi Wilson, and Nia Terry (most pictured below).  In addition, I would like to thank Jim Miller and Mike Huber for coordinating ticket sales. Carolyn Gillman also graciously contributed her time in researching historical house records for the tour.

This event would not have been possible without Brad Lauck saying “yes” when asked if we could use his home as a fundraiser. Thank you Brad!

In addition, we are grateful to Heather Herr /Team Herr for underwriting the cost of cocktails, allowing 100% of ticket sales to be used for NANA beautification. Thank you Heather! Jolene Struebbe donated flowers and tablescapes for the entryway and Jim Miller and Mike Huber donated water for all to enjoy on such a hot day.

Guests, as they exited, strongly requested an “After the Makeover” tour!! Stay tuned!!!

Beautification Chair, Jolene Struebbe, greets guests
Andy from Anjou kept everyone’s thirst quenched!
Mike Huber and Jim Miller were prepared to take your money!
Bindi Marks Waits, who grew up in the home, demonstrates the elevator she played in as a child.
Jolene Struebbe, Brad Lauck, and Heather Herr

House Guides

And, the best is yet to be!

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