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By the numbers: Luminary 2023 exceeds expectations

308 households –

Three hundred and eight households participated in Luminary in 2023 throughout our neighborhood.

5 street captains –

Thanks to the tireless Luminary 2023 street captains: Beth Ewing, Winding Way; Marla Barone, Redway; Sylvia Nelson, Spring House Ln; Mary Ohlinger Pray, Red Bud Ave/Leyman/Burton Woods/Clinton Springs/ E. Mitchell; and Monica Human, Lowry.

Wait, there’s S’mores (5) –

5 Smore’s locations: Thank you to the Schicklis / Lenox & Winding Way;  The Williams – DeJong / Rose Hill; The Prays – Red Bud Ave / Burton Woods Triangle; The Humans / Lowry; and The Nelsons / Spring House Ln

A huge thank you to Jack Wolking for donating all the bags that held the Luminary kits.

From the desk of Carolyn Gillman, the Luminary major (1) –

We would be happy to have more streets involved. If you are interested in being a Luminary street captain on your street for the 2025 Luminary event, please contact cgillmanwhhs@gmail.com.

Congratulations! We hope everyone enjoyed the North Avondale 2023 Luminary.

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