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Caregivers Initiative Event: September 2022

I would like to share the good news about our Caregivers initiative with the North Avondale Community. We know that caring for a loved one can be financially, emotionally, and physically exhausting. Our Caregiver sessions offer personalized support, access to resources, effective strategies, and Incentives for participation in the program. 

Below is a link that will allow people to click on to be pre-registered as well. Feel free to forward!

Upcoming sessions for September are:

Greater New light Church (Change to Health Gap)

710 N Fred Shuttlesworth Cir, Cincinnati, OH 45229
Sept. 15th – Oct. 20th.
6PM- 7PM

Registration Link below

Also, there is an opportunity for residents who are 18 and over that are or would like to be active in the community to join our Caregiver Champion team! Joining the team, residents will have an opportunity to attend events as well as help to plan pop up events to promote and recruit for our Caregiver initiative! Contact me if interested at 513.384.9540

March’e Thomas
Community Outreach Coordinator The Health Gap

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