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Cincinnati Water Works lead service line replacement program update

It’s been six months since our original email and we want to give you a status update from residents who are concerned about having to pay double for lead pipe replacement.

The Cincinnati Enquirer recently followup with an article available only to subscribers here. It includes a mention of letters sent by neighborhood/community councils. THANK YOU for helping us bring this unfair situation to the attention of the mayor, city council and GCWW.

We are now using the email address LeadPipeRefund@gmail.com as impacted property owners reach out to us. So far, we have been contacted by residents in Evanston, Hyde Park, Mt Auburn, College Hill, North Avondale, CUF and Northside. If you are aware of residents who have been impacted and/or are concerned about this issue, please pass along our email address. This month, impacted property owners are writing a letter to the mayor, city council and GCWW expressing their concerns. Next month, we hope to have enough people engaged to attend a city council meeting with a significant enough presence to reinforce our concerns.

Thanks for your support!


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