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Connected Communities Response: Ben Blaney (Burton Woods Lane)

My wife and I live in N. Avondale within a 1/2 mile of Reading Road. Attached is a letter that describes our concerns. As you will see, we agree with the North Avondale Neighborhood Association that they have written you about. Note that if we were considering buying a house in NA with your Connected Communities in place, we would likely not do so.

Dear Mayor Aftab Pureval and Council Members,

As residents of the North Avondale community, we strongly oppose the Connected Communities ordinance currently under consideration by City Council. NANA (North Avondale Neighborhood Association) recently voted and published their opinion on the following statement “North Avondale opposes moving forward with the Connected Communities proposed ordinance.” We agree with the NANA statement, particularly that Council must provide the data and impact analyses that will allow for meaningful review, public participation, and approval by the community council of the impacted neighborhoods.

NANA also pointed out a number of more specific shortfalls in the proposed plan. Besides those, we would like to point out that many other neighborhoods that will be impacted by the plan are unlikely to have had the neighborhood associations that could produce their own street-by-street maps showing what large parts of their neighborhoods will be impacted.

North Avondale stands as an economically, ethnically, and socially diverse neighborhood that needs to be protected from a plan that does not consider these values. I hope that the city will respect my concerns and not move forward until my concerns are addressed.


Ben Blaney

35 Burton Woods Ln.

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