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Connected Communities response: Michael J. Mooney (Avondale Avenue)

As a resident of North Avondale, I am directly impacted by the zoning changes that will allow four story, four-family apartments and condos to be inserted throughout our neighborhood.

First, I agree that building additional housing is a must if Cincinnati is to continue to thrive. And I believe the proposed zoning change, with minor tweaks, can aid in that growth.

The tweaks are as follows:

Carve out an exception to the proposed changes for the 4-block section of Reading Road that runs through North Avondale (Dana Ave to Barry Lane). And add a carve-out for the 3-4 blocks of the Paddock Hills neighborhood.

These carve-outs remove less than a half a mile of the 13-mile Reading Road corridor. And they preserve the unique residential neighborhoods surrounding this 1/2 mile carve-out.

Like many turn of the century icons that define Cincinnati-the Zoo, Music Hall, City Hall-these neighborhoods are packed with unique architecture that could not be duplicated today. It is not uncommon for historic North Avondale housing to sell in excess of one million dollars. This includes a house designed by Samuel Hannaford who was the architect of so many iconic Cincinnati properties.

Placing 4 story rectangular-block buildings next to these historic homes, throughout the neighborhood, completely destroys the special nature of the community and saddles the residents, such as myself, with the cost of accommodation of this growth through our lost property values.

I have recently driven the length of the Reading Road corridor and there is enormous potential for the new proposal to add value to 95% of the area it passes through. So why subtract value, and property tax base, in North Avondale and in Paddock Hills?

As a further concession to this plan, I have no problem with the proposal to allow 4-family units on property directly facing Reading Road. That seems both reasonable and it will add, not subtract, value to the neighborhoods.

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of Cincinnati and for considering my perspective.

Michael J Mooney
Avondale Avenue

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