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Connected Communities Response: Robert Brockman (Belvedere at Rose Hill Avenue)

I am writing as a resident of North Avondale.  The proposed zoning change to allow multi-family housing ½ mile in from Reading Rd. has the potential to destroy our neighborhood.

N. Avondale is a welcoming and diverse neighborhood of single family homes. 

It is a sought after neighborhood to raise a family.  

We are all aware we need more middle and low income housing.  I believe it is wrong to destroy a well-maintained neighborhood, especially one as ethnically and financially welcoming as ours.

Before any vote is taken –

  • We need more information on how the city came up with this plan. 
  • We need to see the source of the data, how it was collected. 
  • Was there any thought given about destroying already well-established neighborhoods? 
  • There needs to be more nuanced thought given to this plan.  

Historically the city has ruined many neighborhoods without allowing input in the planning process.  Zoning changes of this magnitude need to be vetted, not just for what they might bring (denser housing), but what they have the potential to destroy.

Citizens deserve more information and time to study the information, so their voices can be heard.  

Steamrolling a zoning change this big is a grave mistake.

Bob Brockman

Belvedere at 3900 Rose Hill Ave.

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