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Connected Communities response: Jolene Struebbe (Beechwood Avenue)

Dear City Council of Cincinnati,

While I am sympathetic to the lack of affordable housing in the greater Cincinnati metropolitan district that many people face, I am vehemently opposed to destroying our historic neighborhoods as the first option in solving this greater problem.

While, of course, it makes sense to have affordable housing and public transportation married, there needs to be some discernment as to respecting the historical integrity and property values along these corridors for existing homeowners. 

I have lived in North Avondale since 1985. I am proud to be part of a very active community that respects single-family residences as they were meant to be when built in an early 1900s. The architecture, consistent sized homes of single families, low traffic with sidewalks on Treeline streets that are walkable and safe, that we all enjoy are some of the things that makes North Avondale the historic community (of former summer homes) it is today.  Without significant pushback and neighborhood resourcefulness,  North Avondale could have fallen plight to the perils of multi family residences such as has befallen Avondale. Your current proposal, if passed, would negate all of the years of maintaining North Avondale and its historic significance. The city would also lose out on a sizable tax base as property values would plummet.

 As the North Avondale neighborhood Association welcome committee chair, I know that our neighbors, both old and new, respect the historical integrity of the neighborhood and its homes. Collectively, we do not want that destroyed. It is what we purchased when we bought into North Avondale  and it should not be changed.  I also chair the neighborhood directory committee which lists each and every one of our neighbors and their families and their contact details so that we can continue to be a very close knit tight community. The city needs to take into consideration our resident’s opinions and put this to a community vote.

I would also think that there are plenty of options along these bus line corridors with vacant land, such as in Roselawn, etc. that could be utilized for affordable housing without destroying the integrity of historic neighborhoods. I’m hoping as the city council you can be more selective as you acheive affordable housing without destroying historic neighborhoods and sizable tax bases. Perhaps limit your multifamily housing options to the actual bus line and not a half a mile beyond it. 

In closing, I am strongly opposed to the current connected communities plan as it affects North Avondale.

Jolene Struebbe
(Beechwood Ave.)

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