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Environment: October 2022

Our popular Household Hazardous Products Drop-off Event is back and bigger than ever. This years event has been expanded to two days: Friday, October 21 and Saturday, October 22 at a new westside location. Learn more by visiting   https://hamiltoncountyr3source.org/297/Household-Hazardous-Products and register today!

Fall Leaves

Sec. 723-33. – Sweeping onto Sidewalk or Roadway.

No person shall shovel, sweep, throw or otherwise deposit snow or ice from private property onto a sidewalk or roadway located within the public right-of-way.

No person shall sweep, throw or otherwise deposit leaves, sweepings, litter or other matter from private property onto a sidewalk or from a sidewalk onto a roadway or into the gutter thereof, nor shall any person ignite or burn such materials on a street pavement, or cause such to be done.

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