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Featured Garden of Month: Summer 2021

Welcome to the Butterfly garden of Denny Harper and Kim Hubbard at 3946 Rose Hill Ave.

Denny and Kim moved in to their North Avondale home in 2018 and Denny immediately got started creating his butterfly garden. About a decade earlier, Denny had purchased a farm in Adams County, where he was mesmerized at the biodiversity in the county and on the farm. In addition to being able to grow so many different varieties of plants on the farm, he was fascinated by the number of butterflies he saw there. He estimates there were at least a couple of 100 of different varieties of butterflies.

When planning the garden for their North Avondale home, Denny decided to re-create an environment that would serve as a host to butterflies in an urban setting. He contacted the North American Butterfly Association (NABA) and followed their guidelines regarding providing host plants, such as dill and milkweed and nectar plants, such as zinnias and butterfly weed. Other plants that the butterflies like include butterfly bushes, coneflowers and New England asters. The garden is now certified by NABA as an official butterfly garden.

The butterflies which may include swallowtails, hair streaks, checkerspot, and skippers and sulfurs begin to show up in mid July in the garden. They will remain through the fall. Creating your own butterfly garden might be something you decide to do too! Denny said after putting in the proper plants, he almost immediately noticed butterflies beginning to appear. And why does he do it? Well, to quote Denny, “butterflies are living art when you look at them”. 

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