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Beautification: Summer 2021

Flower Pots
You may have noticed that our flower pots are decked out for the hot summer. The Park Board offered us options and we have chosen to have them fill the pots with “Striped Beauty” Canna, “Dragon Wing Red” Begonia, “Lucky Lemon Glow” Lantana, “Trailing Red’ Mezoo and “SC Bewitched Green with Envy” Ipomoea. You may or may not know that NANA contracts with The Park Board to change out the pots three times a year and to keep them watered so our streets look more beautiful. In addition, we are in the process of developing a comprehensive multiyear plan for new placement of pots and new sizes of pots. Be on the lookout for these new additions and new groupings. Many thanks to Sarah Koucky for her help with this project. If you would like to donate to the purchase of new pots, please send a check to NANA earmarked for “Beautification-pots” or donate on our website.

Many thanks to Carolyn Gillman for overseeing the restoration of the broken flower pot at Red Bud and Mitchell Avenue. This pot was broken during the sewer street work and has now been replaced and planted.

Reading Road Corridor Street Trees
We are working with Urban Forestry to replace missing trees along the Reading Road Business Corridor. We are expecting 3 new trees to be planted this fall on Reading Road, one near Barry Lane, one in front of the funeral home and one in front of 3850 Reading Road. We are also working to see if any more new trees can be planted along Reading Road between Paddock and Clinton Springs.

Please remember to reach out to Marianne Prue at Marianne.prue@cincinnati-oh.gov to request a street tree on your property.

Landmark Trees
We have received submissions from a few neighbors on trees they consider noteworthy. There is still time for you to nominate trees in your or a neighbor’s yard. Please send a picture, general age of the tree (if known), and why you think it is special to Jolene Struebbe at jmstruebbe@gmail.com

Jolene Struebbe, Beautification Chair

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