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Development: Summer 2021

Councilmember Landsman has offered to come and speak with the General Assembly on July 13th at the Monthly Meeting regarding development of the Rupel Property. This offer was spurred by residents contacting City Council concerning business development in the NA Business Corridor. Councilmember Landsman will be joined by Councilmember Kearney and, if available, representatives from the Port. The JSDC continues to work directly with City administration regarding contractual terms of the Rupel Property Stabilization Agreement.

As disclosed in previous News, the JSDC recommended that Grace & Grit be extended a purchase option on the house to the Port. Instead a purchase option was granted to RBC & Co. The actions around this option were in direct contrast to previous agreements between the City and North Avondale surrounding this property.

Jeff Herr, Chair And Beth Ewing, Co-Chair, NANA and the NA JSDC

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