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North Avondale’s First Annual Memorial Day Food & Beer Truck Festival

Thank you to everyone who came out for north Avondale’s first annual food and beer truck festival over Memorial Day weekend. We had an incredible turn out with over 400 neighbors in attendance. We appreciate all of the food and beverage trucks who made it out and look forward to welcoming them back again soon. See the pictures below.

Special thanks to Heather Herr, Jeff Herr, Carolyn Gilman & Jay Rottinghaus for volunteering to help set up and plan the event. 

Future Events

We will be planning a few smaller events throughout the summer and another larger event for Halloween in the Fall. Be sure to join the North Avondale Social Events Page on Facebook or North Avondale Parents and Friends Facebook page for updates and information. 

If you are interested in planning or chairing a future event in North Avondale, please contact Events Chair, Morgan Rottinghaus. Please note, all NANA sponsored events or partnership events must be reviewed and approved by the NANA board. We look forward to your input and ideas! 

Events Chair Contact: Morgan Rottinghaus:

Email: scopetto@msn.com

Phone : 917.683.0349

Keeping Community Strong,
Morgan Rottinghaus, Chair

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