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Law & Safety: Summer 2021

Update: Regarding the new All Stop at Clinton Springs and E. Mitchell. The order to have the street painted STOP has been sent to the Public Service Dept. Unfortunately, they are short-staffed and have a backlog of work to complete.

The custom message board is also taking longer than expected. I apologize for this inconvenience.

Completed: The High Friction Surface Treatment along the curve at E. Mitchell and Red Bud Ave. has been installed and the project is completed.

New Sign: Traffic & Engineering submitted a work order to fabricate and install a new curve warning sign near 822 E. Mitchell. To be completed in July.

Road changes coming to Clinton Springs in September. Bump outs to be installed at Clinton Springs/Leyman, Clinton Springs/Dickson. Please see the image.

Bump Outs are added to intersections to narrow the crossing distance for pedestrians & encourages the drivers to slow down.

Carolyn Gillman, Chair 

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