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From Your Neighbors: September 2020

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Constance Mara (Clinton Springs)

●Multitudes of scientists have been researching climate change (human behavior’s negative effect on the earths climate) for the last 50 years. They have checked and cross checked the results of their research and concluded their research is factual, the earths temperature is rising rapidly.

A few thousand politicians have said the scientists are wrong. The first license a politician gets when he becomes a politician is a license to tell you what you want to hear. Scientist do not get such a license. The only license Scientists have is to inform you of the results of their research. Which group is most likely going to always tell you the truth, Scientists or the Politicians!?

Scientific research determined the burning of fossil fuels, of all sources, is the major cause of rising earth temperature. Therefore the only solution to reduce the earths temperature is to develop means of producing power using renewable sources energy such as sun, atomic energy, ocean tides, etc. and other undiscovered power sources.

Spencer Konicov (Springhouse Lane0)

Program Sends Free Children’s Books to Your Home

The Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library (OGIL) will send a free book in the mail every month to any child in Hamilton County under the age of 5. All parents have to do is enroll their child.

Imagination Library offers free, high-quality, age-appropriate books, and there are no income restrictions for participants.

“Sharing a book with your child and even starting at birth is an incredible bonding experience,” said Tiana Rollinson Henry, community engagement coordinator at Cincinnati Children’s for Imagination Library. “Research shows just 15 minutes a day of special one-on-one interaction with a book can make a difference in a child’s development.”

Parents can enroll their child online at www.ohioimaginationlibrary.org. Cincinnati Children’s is administering the program in Hamilton County. You can also find more information by calling 513.636.4271.

Caption: Mom A’shan enjoys spending time reading with her son, Kemuel. Courtesy: Cincinnati Children’s.

Avondale Students Contribute Artwork to the New Critical Care Building

Artwork by students from across Greater Cincinnati, including Avondale schools, will be featured inside the new Critical Care Building at Cincinnati Children’s.

As part of the interior design process, Cincinnati Children’s design partner, Kolar, worked with local artists chosen by the hospital to host workshops with 17 schools. This happened before the COVID-19 shutdowns. Students’ artwork from North Avondale, South Avondale and Rockdale Academy will be heavily featured.

The artists provided the materials and tools needed to create 150 art pieces that will be displayed in patient rooms, corridors, ED waiting room, meeting rooms, and staff spaces in the new building.

Caption: Rockdale Academy student Myloh works on her painting Pre-COVID-19 Courtesy: Kolar

The walls will also feature artwork from community groups as well as some of the hospital’s patients, families and staff. The Critical Care Building is set to open in the fall of 2021.

Michelle R. Hopkins, Senior Specialist, Community Relations, Cincinnati Children’s

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