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In Memoriam: September 2020

I just learned of the death of Atarah Jablonsky at age 92 on July 14, 2020 (see Obituary at Weill Funeral Home). She and her family lived at 49 Burton Woods Lane for many years. She was one of the first persons to welcome me and my husband into the block and the neighborhood. As a pianist, she called upon my husband frequently to tune her piano. She remained in the neighborhood for years after leaving Burton Woods Lane, living at the apartment building on Victory Parkway and at The Belvedere. As recently as the last concert season she was at Music Hall where I saw her and she told me she was still teaching piano! A lovely, cheerful, and unselfish person with lots of wisdom. Donations can be made to www.peasleecenter.org. See More in Praybook

Rosalie van Nuis (Burton Woods Lane)

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