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Generating great ideas for North Avondale

At the July 11th general meeting, attendees were presented a few ideas that might improve engagement, increase pride in our community, and solve the problem of disposing of organic waste for non-composters.

Margherita Melegari (Beechwood), composts at home and applies the same principles at her work. Margherita has done a lot of research about composting and offers her experiences and resources that may be useful for households looking for solutions.

I was looking for a place to bring the many pounds of spent ground coffee we produce at work and found this group that offers composting locations throughout the city and also promotes drop-off bins (accessible with a code) in many neighborhoods. However, NA is not there.

Please check this out and figure whether there is an interest in this opportunity. Many of us with large yards compost already at home, but if the activity is too cumbersome to perform at a single family level or small house, then this is another possibility: having a bin that is taken care of by this organization.


I ended up using one bin in Camp Washington, it is a large brown trash bin (like we use for the Rumpke trash), locked by a padlock and upon submitting my answers to “what is actually compostable” , I got the code number. I will use this for my job material.

Margherita Melegari


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