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Greenspace tree planting along Victory Parkway between Dana and Ledgewood

There was a successful tree planting and path maintenance event October 7, 2023 at the Victory Parkway Greenspace / Park. Eight neighbors joined in to work with me including Allen, Beth, Tillie, Eric, Ojal, Nileen, and Jennifer. Doug from Cincinnati Parks brought six river birch trees plus necessary tools and worked alongside us to get the trees planted. This planting added to the already established Greenspace trees and the twenty-eight trees that were planted there in spring 2023.

In addition to tree planting, the team of volunteers freed a huge old sycamore from invasive porcelain berry which was climbing up its branches. Two days later, Doug was watering the baby trees with care.

Take a stroll in the Greenspace / Park along Victory Parkway between Dana and Ledgewood to check out this biodiversity that now includes many new and different tree species. The re-mulched path to the Greenspace at Valley Lane and Winding Way is very accessible now as the poison ivy and pesky, low-hanging branches and vines are cleared away. Enjoy the wonderful weather while you can!

I am so appreciative of our spirited and energetic neighborhood volunteers. Thank you to Cincinnati Parks for being such a great partner.

Stay tuned for an early winter event in the works for invasive removal of more Greenspace undesirables.

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