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Healing SKY Breath Technique

I have been a resident of North Avondale for 14 years and would like to share a beautiful breathing technique (I would call it a daily practice) I learned 15 years ago.

This practice has allowed me to be very mindful of my actions and speech, significantly increased my productivity at work, helped me focus on the tasks I need to complete, and improved my relationship with my family and friends in addition to being available for service to the community and being joyful and enthusiastic in whatever I do. I loved it so much that I have volunteered for the organization every week for the last eight years and offer my services to the community and teach this workshop for free.

This workshop has changed my outlook toward life, and I invite you all to come and learn the SKY breath meditation technique. See attached flyer about the July 2023 workshop I am co-teaching. Looking forward to sharing this life-changing technique with you.

If you are interested in attending future training, please use the contact information provided on the Healing SKY Breath Technique workshop brochure: https://northavondalecincinnati.com/event/sky-breath-meditation/

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