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Health and Wellness: February 2020

Everyone’s Health Matters!

With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus which originated in Wuhan, China, the state of someone else’s health can have a direct effect on your health. According to Chinese authorities, this respiratory international outbreak has killed at least 565 people and sickened about 28,276 of which 3863 are critical. The United States, Australia and Japan have expanded their travel restrictions denying entry to noncitizens who have recently traveled to China. Two male students who attend Miami University of Ohio test results are negative for the virus. The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus to be a global public health emergency!

However, we should not jump into Fear mode. We should take basic precautions and stay vigilant at all times.  There is no greater preventive daily routine for ALL people to practice than a frequent and thorough hand washing using soap and warm water. The use of hand sanitizer is no substitute for a thorough hand cleanse. 

What might prove to be more relevant is the possibility of contracting the flu.  If you have not gotten a flu shot yet, the Health Department recommends that you do so . We are still in the midst of Flu Season. Take advantage of the free flu clinics through the end of February if you still need a flu shot. They are offered at the following Health Centers:

  • Ambrose H. Clement: 3559 Reading Rd, Suite 101, 45229 Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9am- noon; Thursdays 1 – 4pm; Fridays 10 – 4pm
  • Price Hill: 2136 West 8th St, 45204 The second and fourth Friday 1-4pm
  • Bobbie Sterne (formerly Elm St Health Center): 1525 Elm St, 45202 Wednesdays 1-4pm
  • Northside: 3917 Spring Grove, 45223 Thursdays 5-7pm
  • Millvale at Hopple: 2750 Beekman, 45225 Thursdays 1-4pm; Saturdays 8-noon
  • Braxton F. Cann: 5818 Madison Rd, 45227  Mondays & Wednesdays 9-noon; Fridays 1-4pm

January was noted as one of the least-snowiest months in Cincinnati’s history . Even though we avoided bitter cold and snow, winter is not over and the threat for serious debilitating weather still looms over us. We recommend getting weather emergency alert apps for your phone, paying attention to the weather reports and getting an understanding of the weather emergency terms so that you can be better prepared. North Avondale has just enough hills to make a simple commute treacherous if just one hill or street is ice covered. Know these storm warning terms:

  • Winter Weather ADVISORY: Expect winter weather conditions {accumulation of snow, freezing rain & sleet} that could cause severe inconvenience and life-threatening hazards.
  • Frost/Freeze WARNING: Expect below-freezing temperatures.
  • Winter Storm WATCH: Be alert; a storm is likely.
  • Winter Storm WARNING: Take action; a storm is in or entering the area.
  • Blizzard WARNING: Seek refuge immediately. Snow and strong winds, near zero visibility, deep snow drifts and life-threatening wind chill.

Have a SAFE and HEALTHY February!

Kimya Moyo, Health Liaison

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