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Law & Safety: February 2020

As a walker, the good news is that when moving around the neighborhood morning, afternoon, or after dark I feel perfectly safe. Having said that, we do have a number of problematic properties, especially outside of our immediate gaslight areas. Several of these are owned by out of state entities and obtained seemingly for their revenue stream. We just filed a complaint on 881 Clinton Springs as the owner has stopped working on this house for a long time, someone put graffiti on it…looks abandon and a mess. The net result being the slow deterioration of the structures and requiring an inordinately high concentration of Fire and Police services. Special attention is being given to several on Clinton Springs and E. Mitchell. Ongoing drug trafficking is still occurring and more so around these noted properties.

We’ve had a rash of abandoned vehicles throughout our neighborhood, especially so on Asmann, E. Mitchell, and Clinton Springs. Our community Officer, Officer Hill, has been very involved and removal of these cars is being expedited. Thanks Officer Hill.

Traffic management on the main corridor streets is always an issue; speeding and disregard of Stop Signs primarily. Tell your school-aged kids having to cross streets to absolutely obey the ‘Stop-Look Left-Look-Right’ rule before proceeding. When crossing at a traffic light don’t just assume all is OK just because there is a ‘Walk’ sign or a green light; stay vigilant. Still working on the Mitchell and Red Bud intersection, Dote forgot to include it in their last meeting so we have to wait for the next meeting to see if it’s time for high friction surface.

790 Clinton Springs is a large commercial apartment style building. Xavier University had this property for years, however, last fall it was sold and since there has been no communication from the new owner. The zoning of this property is quite specific and attention needs to be paid to ensure that future use of the building complies with the restrictions. This is high on our ‘watch’ list.

The Belvedere is expanding their off-street parking and purchased and torn down the building adjacent to their current parking lot on Clinton Springs. When complete this should ease the on-street parking on Rose Hill and Beechwood. Work is underway. The burned out house next to it came under contract shortly prior to the fire by the owner immediately to the right, so that’s now in limbo.

Dirk Pastoor, Carolyn Gillman, Co-chairs

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