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Improvements underway with start of playground renovation

NANA is excited to see the progress of the new playground located at the North Avondale Recreation Center and North Avondale Montessori School on Clinton Springs. The plan adds two new climbers and keeps select existing equipment. The current swing set, car play piece, and funnel ball equipment intended for the two-five-year-old playground will potentially relocate to the front of the playground, closer to the parking lot. Then, the older kids’ play area will move further back.

After it is installed, the City plans to add the amenities outlined in the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) for accommodations with improved access, benches, walkways, and trees. The additional improvements planned provide ADA access to the baseball field, a new center sign, curb and concrete work at the playground drinking fountain, a new ADA drinking fountain w/bottle filler, and repair to the concrete at the center entrance plaza.

This project was awarded to our neighborhood through persistent efforts to identify areas in the neighborhood for improvement by the brainstorm team that met last August to prepare for a City of Cincinnati capital budget request. There remain lots of potential areas identified for improvement. Stay tuned for our next Community Budget Request brainstorming activity this summer. It takes fresh eyes on the ground to spot the areas for expanded potential in our public spaces. Whether you join the brainstorm or want to submit a suggestion, we would appreciate hearing from you. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when it is clearly identified and prioritized on our wish list.

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