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North Avondale Joint Strategic Planning Committee: February 2022

This is to inform you that as of the January 2022 meeting of the North Avondale Joint Strategic Planning Committee ( NA JSDC), there is no longer a chair person of the Committee. After serving out a year with Jeff Herr as co-chair, we no longer have personal capacity. Nor did anyone volunteer to keep the Committee running until such time that a new chair can be found. As NANA/NABA look for replacements and future direction of the Committee, I leave you with some observations and suggestions. 

The majority of the Committee members are involved to gather info/have their voice heard but do not have time to serve as working committee members. Of the 30+ committee members, only 15 ever attended a committee call. Only four committee members were able to help the chairs with any tasks. Net, I think it is fair to say the group functioned as a non-working board offering oversight, not as a working committee.

To be successful, and attract a new chair(s), the Committee should be made up of contributing members with defined responsibilities. This will also serve to recruit Committee members. The JSDC should also move forward with hiring a consultant to provide professional help and work with the Committee members on their areas.

The body of work undertaken by the Committee could be defined as follows:


  • Preside over meetings
  • Oversee work of sub committees
  • Oversee work of paid consultants, including securement
  • City / Port primary liaison


  • Take minutes
  • Schedule meetings
  • Maintain repository of documents
  • Maintain any budgets required


  • Work with consultants, Committee, gov’t leaders and developers to spur new development in business corridor including creation of official positions on development


  • Work with Committee, consultant, NANA, NABA and gov’t leaders to enforce and define zoning changes, questions and enforcement

Community Engagement

  • Work with NANA, NABA, consultant and gov’t officials to lead community engagement as it relates to development and zoning changes
  • Prepare monthly committee update for NANA News

I think if the Committee is limited to a subgroup of people with 1-2 people working in each of these capacities (ie maybe 10 members), it would have a significantly increased chance of success. 

There are currently no open items within the Committee outside of finding a consultant. The purchase option on 3864 Reading does not expire until the end of March, at which time there stands to be a fair amount of work either with community engagement on the current applicant or finding a new viable buyer. 

Beth Ewing, NA Joint Strategic Development Committee

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