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President’s Message: February 2022

Dear Neighbors,

On February 2nd, Punxsutawney Phil (our nation’s most popular marmot) unfortunately saw his shadow Wednesday morning after scurrying out of a burrow at Gobbler’s Knob. As the legend goes, that means the country can expect below-average temperatures for the next six weeks.  

Here is the good news…Phil the Groundhog delivered the same news and cold temps last year as well, but we then experienced above-average temperatures last March. So, as we turn the page on the last few weeks of winter, let’s rejoice that warmer temperatures and Spring are right around the corner.  

In our most recent NANA Executive Board Meeting we began to discuss organizing an Event Committee for North Avondale. Due to the success of several neighborhood events last year, we were able to raise a relatively significant sum that can be reallocated into a budget for even more North Avondale neighborhood events in 2021. We will be adding this topic/idea to the agenda at an upcoming General Meeting to begin discussions and asking for input and potential event planning/coordination volunteers.

Stay warm and safe!

Heather Herr, President NANA

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