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Wildlife in North Avondale: February 2022

I’ve been thinking about creatures, other than humans, that live in/about Rose Hill.

Here is my list, other than cats (domestic), dogs, hamsters, gerbils: Deer, possum, squirrels, chipmunk, mouse, groundhog, raccoon, coyote (though I haven’t seen one in the last year or two… where are they?), sewer rat (last one seen was by Lois Nizny, in our basement in winter of 1976), oh, yes, feral cats!, and thanks to cicadas, moles; garter snake, black snake (only one), frogs, (Lazarus) lizards, various birds, fish (in ponds)… Lois said she saw a rabbit, Spring 2021 (I didn’t)…

A neighbor said he saw a fox cross our garden. I’ve not seen a fox in 50 years.

Anyone add any more ?

Mel Nizny, MD

Editor: According to this article, skunks should be out and about soon. Read more here

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