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President’s Message June 2023

North Avondale is a unique diverse neighborhood where we have chosen to live and raise our families. When I became president last year, NANA chose to focus on law, safety, and zoning. Interestingly, I found our single biggest challenge are organizations that continue to disregard our neighborhood objective “to support a diverse and inclusive neighborhood where ALL FAMILIES live and grow together.”  NANA will continue to challenge and oppose any developers and out-of-state owners who do not have the same neighborhood goals. This will be a long and continuous battle where we will need to continue work to protect North Avondale’s unique architecture and character while providing for increased population and business district development.  

In reflection on 2022-2023, I want to highlight some of the past year’s successes of the North Avondale Neighborhood Association: 

  • NANA’s new logo
  • NANA website launch 
  • Master Plan team
  • Law, safety and compliance of zoning at 726, 728 730 E. Mitchell, 970 Dana, 882 Clinton Springs, and Victory Vistas
  • Stop signs at Dickson & Wedgewood, Glen Lyon, and Lenox
  • Festival of Leaves in partnership with NABA in October 2022 at North Avondale Recreation Center
  • Beautification, community gardens and the Welcome committee
  • Banners & flower pots along the Reading Road business district
  • New playground renovation at North Avondale Recreation Center  
  • Continued work on membership list and treasurer reporting
  • Victory Parkway. While this was not NANA, I want to acknowledge that Teresa Harten and Allen Kroth planted 25 trees with Cincinnati Parks and reestablished the path from Winding Way to Victory Parkway.

NANA had quite a few interesting and outstanding speakers during 2022-2023 general monthly meetings.

  • Owner and founder April Pandora from Eden Urban Gardens, a certified organic working urban farm
  • Remco De Jong with a presentation on residential solar energy
  • Chinedum Ndukwe, Victory Vistas Developer
  • Mark Samaan, Long Range Planning Manager at Cincinnati Metro re: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on the Reading Road corridor
  • City of Cincinnati Vice Mayor Jan-Michele Kearney
  • Cincinnati Police and Fire departments on safety
  • and this month, City of Cincinnati Council member Mark Jeffreys will join us at the June general meeting

We look forward to these opportunities to speak directly with representatives, businesses and civic organizations. If you have suggestions for a speaker, please send your ideas to nana@northavondalecincinnati.com. Include their name, organization, and contact information and we will reach out.

This coming summer, the executive board will set our 2023-2024 goals which will include updating the North Avondale Master Plan, succession planning, activities to welcome and include the next generation of residents and businesses plus enhancement of the lives of our neighborhood youth.

As I reflect on our wonderful community, I want to remind you all that we need everyone to give back.  Great neighborhoods like North Avondale need everyone to participate. Over the next few days, please think about where you might help. We need all types of talent and resources and are looking for neighbors interested in dedicating a few hours to NANA board areas like social activities, beautification, membership/technology, zoning and the Master Plan update.  Feel free to reach out to any board member with questions.

Happy Summer!

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