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Take time to view the award-winning Living With Landslides documentary film

NANA Annual Meeting attendees viewed a short version of the documentary “Living with Landslides” that features North Avondale neighbors, Richard and Maria McKenzie, longtime residents on Wess Park Drive.

If you have not had an opportunity to view the documentary in its entirety, it is recommended that you take ten minutes at your earliest convenience to learn more about their story and the causes and repercussions of a slow-moving landslide behind their home. The McKenzie family and other homeowners throughout the region share their challenges and the remediation work being done to make it possible to stay in their homes. Regrettably, in some cases, the cost and time spent for the restoration and prevention fix outweighs the investment.

There are three ten-minute segments from the film available to view on demand at The Hillside Trust website here including Landslide Hot Zone, Landslide Costs, and Landslides Prevention.

The important work of the Living with Landslides documentary team has been recently recognized by Docs Without Borders Film Festival and the Nature Without Borders International Film Festival via FilmFreeway.com.

For more information about the film and the team that produced Living with Landslides, visit LivingwithLandslides.com.

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