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President’s Message: May 2022

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

There have been many questions and concerns about the April general meeting. I was not able to present the meeting because I was in Florida for a National level swim meet with my daughter Shay. Unfortunately, that meant that Ethan had to run the meeting as vice president and also be in charge of zoom. There were many in person (as well as zoom) attendees and logistically this meeting also have to navigate guests between 2 separate rooms due to technical issues with the equipment at the North Avondale Rec Center venue. All of this created many challenges and Ethan did his very best to help manage all of this.  

The meeting agenda was dividing into two major categories. The New School, which has been on the agenda for many months. Also, the information on the proposed Rosemary’s Babies. We have had many questions and some confusion around that portion of the meeting. We received this from Rosemary’s board member, Elaine Bobbey, and have been asked to share. Please click the link below to read more:

Attached is the Rosemary’s Babies Company response to the document, “Call to Action,” published on 4.11.2022, and discussed as part of the agenda for the 4.12.2022 NANA General Meeting.

We have worked very hard on trying to communicate this information to everyone but ultimately the city will decide. I would like to thank my husband Jeff and Beth Ewing for their hours of work and meetings with this issue. 

I also would like to thank board members: Ethan Perry, Patrice Watson, Morgan Rottinghaus, Ryan Jarrell, Sandesh, Samdaria: Robin Senser and Committee chairs: Jolene Struebbe, Coral Weigel, Judy Evans, and Carolyn Gillman. 

Serving on the NANA Board for the last four years has been very challenging but also very rewarding. I am passionate about our community and neighborhood. It was an honor to serve and I look forward to volunteering in other capacities in the future.  

Heather Herr

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