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President’s Message: Summer 2022

Dear Neighbors,

July is a sunny and beautiful time in North Avondale. Everything is in bloom and our neighbors are outside walking, socializing and enjoying each other. Please let’s all take the time to say hello to a new neighbor. You may make someone’s day brighter. This friendliness is what makes North Avondale so special.

This summer we are looking for a few good people to join our team. NANA would like more neighborhood input into our Neighborhood Master Plan which desperately needs to be updated. If you are interested in planning, housing, schools and neighborhood parks and would like to provide input, please contact me. Walt Koucky and Mel Nizny are also building a Zoning team to help oversee building and zoning issues around North Avondale.

Community Budget Request- North Avondale has the opportunity to submit up to three community projects request for funds from the city. The deadline is coming up at the end of September so we will be meeting in August to brainstorm some ideas for our neighborhood. A couple of ideas that come to mind are upgrade Seasongood Square to make it more user friendly for all neighbors, Neighborhood street cameras, traffic calming at Reading Rd, and Clinton Springs and possibly along Mitchell Ave. More to come at the July and August General meetings on the second Tuesday of the month, 7/23 and 8/9.

If you or someone has some basic level of web design/maintenance skills and can dedicate some time to help out, we need you. NANA has a team working on a new website which is slated to be released in the fall. We are considering hiring someone if your skills match up for approximately 10 hours a week. Please contact me.

Gardens and Beautification still need gardeners for a few small areas. Judy Evans leads the gardeners and would welcome even a few hours here and there. Don’t forget Jolene Struebbe is working to create a Welcome Wagon team that would operate by street to welcome new neighbors into North Avondale. We still have a few streets to find a neighbor to cover.

Many of us are already busy keeping up with our daily activities, but want to give back to our community. Maybe you have a few evening or early morning hours to do some typing or editing. We could use some help on our Membership Team to review and update our membership lists.

Thank you all for helping North Avondale reach its potential by volunteering for a small task. Please contact me through the NANA email at: nanacincinnati@gmail.com

P.S. Neighbors don’t forget to water your new street trees. They are still young and will need extra water to survive this heat.

Sarah Koucky

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