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STOP THE RUSH–SAVE THE DATE: Victory Vistas next appeal hearing is 4/20

  • The Zoning Board of Appeals postponed the appeal hearing, case number Z-4077-2023 concerning 4106 Victory Parkway to Thursday, April 20, 2023, at 9:00 am.
  • This hearing is in the II Centennial Building at 805 Central Ave, Suite 500, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.
  • Case materials are available on the Zoning Board of Appeals

NANA is working with the Paddock Hills Assembly (PHA) in opposition to the City Zoning Board’s approval of variances and special exceptions from setbacks, parking and refuse storage areas positioned at the front of the lot for the 50-unit multi-family residential building. Both NANA and PHA state that Chinedum Ndukwe’s proposed development is too large for the site and impacts a Hillside Overlay District. All Hillside Overlay Districts are required by code to include additional soil testing and a landslide evaluation. These studies are required by law. Upon visual inspection by the neighborhood residents, an active landslide was found on the property where the building will be located. In addition, there is a sinkhole at the top of the hillside in the Dohn School parking lot that may have resulted from an unstable hillside. We are requesting the City Zoning Department address this Hillside District according to the written code.

NANA and PHA requested Chinedum Ndukwe be required to provide information on the environmental concerns related to the property soil studies and remediation of the contamination. This developer has not provided information on the environmental assessments or clean-up plans to the City or in response to PHA and NANA’s request. The City Zoning Administration has approved multiple variances to move the building closer to the Dohn School and police station than is allowed by code. We request full disclosure of the exposure to the neighborhood from activities at this contaminated site and additional soil testing required by the Hillside Overlay District.

This is the same developer that is being challenged by the Evanston Community Council and the Historic Preservation Society to prevent the demolition of the Hoffman School at Durrell and Victory Parkway to build multiple housing units.

Additional information available in the NANA News earlier story here.

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