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Welcome to the new NANA/NABA website

The website team is proud to unveil the redesigned 2023 NANA/NABA website. The team began design work in 2021 starting with logo rebranding for both organizations to reflect the neighborhood’s history and culture rooted in the late 1890’s and early 20th century.

Prioritized strategy for an easier-to-navigate website included –

  • Build an ongoing archive of information available on the website for all visitors
  • Use the newsletter and social media channels as digital tools to advise newsletter subscribers when new content and stories are available
  • Improve the mobile device versions
  • Share more photography from our beautiful community
  • Update the website to a modern designed website vs. a blogger platform
  • Combine NANA and NABA sites to provide a one-stop destination for residential and business information

To achieve these goals, the website team also sought more efficient and versatile website vendors ultimately choosing new providers for the site platform, multiple widgets, plug-ins, and newsletter service. The NANA/NABA website team is a collaboration of volunteers and consultants.

Meet the website volunteer team:

  • Amy Harten—Brand design and strategy / website design strategy
  • Patrice Watson—Website project manager / NANA managing editor
  • J. Miles Wolf—NABA managing editor / photographer

Thank you to our valuable NANA/NABA consulting partners:

NABA additionally thanks consulting partner:

Are you interested in contributing your skills as a volunteer to the website team? Have you always wanted to see your work published? The website needs writers, editors, photographers, storytellers, artists/illustrators, poets, videographers and podcasters, and social media coordinators or channel managers for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

There’s an abundance of exceptional talent in North Avondale looking for creative outlets. Why not use it to help amplify Cincinnati’s best address?!

Use the volunteer form and check the “website team” box to find out more about joining the team.


  1. Richard McKenzie

    Thank you and everybody! Please don’t forget about us over on this side of Mitchell Avenue down here near Vine Street on Wess Park. Sometimes we feel like we are forgotten about. Remember the land in and around the swim club is still part of North avondale.

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