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The Welcome Committee has delivered [32] welcome bags since start up

Since the Welcome Committee “start up” in 2022, fifty-five single family properties and Belvedere condos sold in North Avondale have been logged. Fifteen welcome kits were delivered in 2022, leaving an additional 40 that are being “addressed” in the period between January to June 2023. This is actually very efficient as the committee has been working from a “backlog”. Year to date, there have been seven deliveries completed plus ten more in June / July for a year-to-date of 17 deliveries in 2023 and a total of 32 since the inception of Welcome.

Here’s are some of the new residents welcomed in 2023: Jarrod Holmes and Bryn Humphrey, Hakim Oliver, Richard Enty, David Wolkowitz and Rhonda Stuart, Miranda Estep and Stuart MacKenzie, Michael Jones and Jema Magallanes, and Victoria Dowling and Ryan Bianchi.

The committee shared some lovely feedback that we have received from our new neighbors. 

“YOU are the FIRST person I’ve met!”

“I’m gonna cry!  This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever experienced!”

“I’ve been WAITING for you!”  I want to get involved.  I just love this neighborhood!”

The remaining 23 properties that have been sold are on the Welcome committee’s radar.  Sometimes, we need to wait for them to be flipped, renovated or the owners to move in. The committee leads and street ambassadors check in with each other monthly to reconcile Zillow lists, the auditor’s website, and what’s happening on the streets to keep lists and deliveries up to date. The degree of renovation going on after properties sell has been surprising and makes the welcome job a bit more tricky.  Sometimes there is a long wait. The goal is to welcome actual residents vs. just know who bought the property.

The original committee continues with the exception of one who resigned due to health concerns. Many thanks to the Welcome Committee members for creating a warm, informative, and personal reception to newcomers to North Avondale. A Welcome group photo with member names was shared in an earlier 2022 NANA News here.

The North Avondale directory is filled with handy contacts, history, and community information. You are ‘welcome’ to download or print a pdf of the directory below by using the icons in the upper right hand corner.

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