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Washington Garden’s new landscape design ready for planting

One of North Avondale’s largest gardens is a triangle at the intersection of Clinton Springs and Washington Avenue near North Avondale Montessori School. The land is owned by the city. Some years ago, North Avondale gardeners began to beautify this area most probably with flowers and plants from their own gardens.

While the garden had been maintained, recently it was overtaken by many weeds. Two years ago, the NANA beautification committee and community gardens decided to restore this area and began by consulting with a local landscape designer, experienced in community gardens. He advised adding more trees to the space and organizing the plantings, consolidating the varieties of plant material. Eight small Serviceberry trees have been planted toward the back of the area. New this year, the landscape designer provided a detailed plan which includes new plant materials and a re-organization of other grasses and perennials to finalize the new design of the garden.

With the help of Washington garden captain, Megan Rothe, most of the weeds have been eliminated and it’s now ready to plant. New plantings will be added to the existing garden that currently blooms with daffodils and iris in the spring, roses, and daylilies in the summer, and sedum in the fall. The Washington garden team plans to add hydrangeas, rose mallow, nepeta and several areas of pollinator-friendly multi-colored echinacea to the front of the bed, and will be re-locating some existing plants to more favorable locations.

Last year, the garden received outstanding assistance from friends at nearby Shiloh Church on Washington Avenue. Currently, the new volunteer program developed by Ojal Samdaria and her father Sandesh has attracted help from teenagers seeking community service. Cecil Thomas has been essential in helping to keep this area watered in the dry summer days. Many thanks to everyone for your commitment to beautifying our garden and city.

Would you like to help care for this garden? Fill out the volunteer sign-up form and check Beautification and Community Gardens.

Any assistance you might be able to provide is welcome. Megan is looking for a co-captain to help maintain this large garden plus dedicated gardeners to help on a regular basis. Working in this garden is rewarding as people stop often to thank garden volunteers for adding to the beauty of this little piece of North Avondale green space.

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