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Your 2023 donation to NANA goes a long way

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

‘Tis the season to come together and celebrate your neighborhood organization that makes a difference all year round for residents and neighbors. The North Avondale Neighborhood Association annual membership dues and donation drive is upon us. We need your help and support to maintain, protect and improve this beautiful neighborhood. Your financial contribution and volunteer hours support many initiatives including zoning regulations, crime prevention, street calming, pedestrian safety, communication, and beautification. All of these efforts enhance the livability of our neighborhood for now, and for the future.

NANA would like to share details with you how we use grants and donation dollars. Above is a breakdown of NANA income and expenses over the last year. Trouble viewing the financial graphs? Click here to access a larger version.

Here are four ways you can help NANA accomplish community goals:

  1. Contribute financially to NANA by adding us to your annual charitable contribution list. NANA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Or, make your contribution online now.
  2. Volunteer for the betterment, safety, and improvement of our neighborhood. Use the volunteer form to let us know what areas are of interest to you.
  3. Provide NANA with your email address so that we may communicate regularly with members.
  4. Show your support by attending the general meetings held at the North Avondale Montessori School cafeteria, at 6:30PM, on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Communication with North Avondale neighbors is an important way to create a safer and more connected community. If you are not already receiving the digital NANA newsletter or have changed your email address recently, visit the website to sign up for the digital newsletter on the right side of any page. We can add your email address to your account by request if you send it to nana@northavondalecincinnati.com. Your email address is kept confidential and used only to distribute the newsletter or important member mailings.

We kindly ask that each of you add NANA to your annual gift giving list. There is no minimum donation. Any level of giving is tax deductible. NANA members benefit by knowing they are making a significant difference in the community where we live. Thank you for your generosity.


Sarah Koucky

President, North Avondale Neighborhood Association

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