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Environment – Dandelions: June 2022

Dandelions deserve a gold medal. One of the first links in that magical chain of events bringing dinner to our tables, this sunny flower is one of the first spring foods for bees. If bees survive the winter, they look to dandelions and other wildflowers for nutrition — so they can begin the work of pollinating our fruits and vegetables. As you know, the bees are in a pickle right now. Their population is dwindling. Let’s not kill off anything that helps the bees. <3

READ: http://www.reporterherald.com/opinion/guest-columns/ci_25679656/dandelions-deserve-gold-medal

And take action to SAVE THE BEES concerning neonicotinoid pesticides use:

Tell Home Depot and Lowes to stop selling plants pre-treated with bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/home-depot-and-lowes

Ask your Congressional Representatives to support H.R. 2692 to ban neonics: http://bit.ly/PollinatorBill

Tell the EPA to ban neonics: www.foe.org/epa-bees

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