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Invasive Species Warning: June 2022

INVASIVE SPECIES WARNING! The invasive hammerhead worm has been found in Ohio according to the Ohio State – Darke County Extension Office. The hammerhead worm is a species of flatworm that is harmful to the soil as they consume earthworms and populate rapidly. They are shiny, slimy, and have a crescent-shaped head.

Hammerhead worms can grow up to 12 inches long and can be colored orange, yellow, or brown. They can also be found with or without one or more stripes on their back. They contain low quantities of a toxin that may cause irritation if it comes into contact with skin. If you see these worms, properly remove them as stated in the instructions below in order to decrease the potential growth of their population here in Ohio.

How to safely remove these worms if you find them:

***Do NOT cut them up, as this is how the worms reproduce.***

  • Pick up the worms using tweezers or gloved hands.
  • Put them in a bag and freeze them.
  • You can also use rubbing alcohol.
  • To avoid direct contact, use salt on individual worms.

Learn more here: https://www.dailyadvocate.com/2022/04/20/invasive-hammerhead-worm-appears-in-darke-county/

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