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NANA Welcome Committee has greeted 70 new families since inception

The Welcome Committee is finishing up its first full year of greeting new homeowners to North Avondale. In 2023, fifty-five new families were welcomed as neighbors, with 38 of them just since July.

Since the inception of the Welcome Committee launch in late 2022, the Welcome Committee has greeted 70 families. Every effort is made to meet the homeowners in person, offering a friendly face, a personal welcome, and a bag of goodies.  This bag generally includes a printed booklet that gives a bit of history about the neighborhood and architecture, information on NANA, maps of the neighborhood plus suggestions for businesses already serving North Avondale that might be of help to newcomers to settle in. The Welcome booklet is available to all North Avondale residents via the NANA website. In addition, each bag includes a small plant.  Some even include a more detailed “local” neighborhood directory with phone numbers and email contacts for those who live close by.

The Committee is happy to have the help of any interested neighbors who enjoy meeting new people and sharing their love of North Avondale.  The Welcome Committee meets annually now that the group is up and running and the monthly volunteer time commitment is minimal. 

For more information, please contact Jolene Struebbe, chair, at jmstruebbe@gmail.com

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